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Nano Materials

Nano Coating Ag Solution

The state-of-the-art Nano Coating Technology developed by NANOCMS is a particular method of forming quantized nanoparticles in process of spraying the CMS Nano Ag Solution at specific temperature and specific pressure. This specific coating technology will guarantee the very stable forming of nanoparticles and uniform coating of Nano Silver Layer comparing with the general coating by normal spraying method, therefore, it is strongly recommendable for manufacturing the high-reflectance solar reflector for solar power plant, reflectance 95% or more which is the world highest level, applying Nano coating technology developed by NANOCMS to glass substrate. CMS Nano Coating Technology can obtain high reflectance by forming the nano unit silver layer by forming the quantized nanoparticles in the space and coating them on the glass substrate. High reflectance reflectors with nano coating technology can enhance energy conversion efficiency for solar power generation.

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Nano coating material: High reflective coating materials

Application Field

- High reflective reflector for solar thermal power plant
- Reflector manufacturing
- Silver thin film and electro-magnetic interference parts

Product differentiation

Demonstration of the world's highest level of reflection quality and securing source technology by evaluating the reliability and reflectivity of the German and American renewable energy research institutes and reflectors for solar power plants. It is possible to increase the heat / turbine efficiency and reduce the initial investment cost of the solar power generation system by improving the reflectance more than 95% compared with the general coating.

Strengthening core value of product / technology

We have completed the mass production pilot test necessary to transfer technology related to reflector plate manufacturing with the world's highest reflectivity level of 95%.

Technology: Reflector manufacturing technology with the world's highest reflectivity level of 95%

Patented technology for highly reflective coating material and coating equipment (holds international patents in Korea, USA and Europe)
Nano coating equipment and high reflective nano coating material technology


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Reflective Properties of Highly Reflective Coated Reflector

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Nano-Coated Material Applied Reflector Reliability

- Evaluation agency: Optical ageing characterization laboratory DLR (Germany) Renewable energy research institute
- Evaluation result: Reflective coating technology of 95% reflectance rate

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