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NANOCMS Co Ltd is a specialized company in R&D and manufacturing of electronic Nano materials such as Nano-sized metal compounds, organometallic compounds, organic phosphors and organic fluorophores since long years, and consequently NANOCMS has successfully achieved the import substitution of high-tech NANO materials in Korea.

NANOCMS’s high quality security materials developed and produced by the sate-of-the-art technologies to be applied to national securities such as banknotes, passport, ID-card etc., and the other securities like brand protection and authentication of certifications. Also enjoying the high reputation in international security markets allows us to inroad into the foreign banknote printing and the other anti-counterfeit applications.

By continuous investment on R&D and pursuing advanced research into high-tech Nano materials, we will expand our capability into producing advanced security materials along with biotechnology and other high-tech industries.

With gratitude and appreciation, all members of NANOCMS thank our respectful customers. We will be much appreciated you to give us your continuous guidance and encouragement for a greater future.

Thanks a lot.

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